Sleeping Tips

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The sleep set is literally the foundation of your sleep. But beyond your investment in the mattress, itís important to make an overall commitment to sleep. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle and ensuring the best nightís rest:

  1. Maintain a regular bed and wake time schedule, including weekends.
  2. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine, such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music.
  3. Create a sleep-conducive environment that is dark, quiet, comfortable and cool.
  4. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  5. Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex. It is best to take work materials, computers and televisions out of the sleeping environment.
  6. Finish eating at least two to three hours before your regular bedtime.
  7. Exercise regularly. It is ideal to complete your workout at least a few hours before bedtime.
  8.  Avoid alcohol, nicotine (e.g., cigarettes, tobacco products), and caffeine (e.g., coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate) close to bedtime. These can lead to poor sleep, keep you awake or disrupt sleep later in the night.

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For Better Sleep, You Need a Better Mattress

If youíre having trouble sleeping, the cause might be right under your back. Can you even remember when you bought your mattress? We bet you canít! Studies show the average Canadian only purchases a new mattress every 10 years. Youíve probably bought at least two cars since then! Itís not very hard to evaluate your mattress to see if itís providing the right support and comfort needed to get a sound nights sleep.

First, when you change your sheets, do you see an obvious depression in the center? Older mattresses tend to wear out wear out in this area because thatís where your body weight is centered. When this critical area degrades, you back will not be properly supported causing you wake up with a aches and pains.


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